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urgh i havent updated in like yeaaaaaaaaaaaars! lol

mh lets see whats new?

i went to london with my friend sandra two weeks ago, we went there to see rocco deluca and the burden, met them all, talked to them and the concert was amazing...

im going to london again on december 9th but just for a night to see from first to last live (and lost prophets since theyre headliner) other than cat emma died, my cat sonny ran away (but he's living on the farm now sooo yea he's alright and well and happy) then we brought 9 cats to different owners so i got six cats left and my dogs chica and snoopy BUT snoopy is gonna get new owners (unfortunately, i love him, blind alsation) in few days sooo im very sad about that :[

mh what else? thats it actually, im in a school for a week and the ppl here are uppercool! im turning 24 (yes im old) in two months, maybe seeing panic at the disco again in october (depending if im still fighting then with my best mate) aaand yea...

ah fuck it, thats it :]

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mh didnt update for a while... lets see.

i still love my job.

my cat leika was missing for three weeks, it was horrible but i got her back... well not only her but 15 other cats so now ive got like 18 cats, 1 dog and a rabbit at home, mpf.

im going to london next month...

im going to see panic at the disco again in october.

well i was soooooooooooooooo disappointed when brasil lost against france... i was walking around during the worldcup like a freak: brasil hat, brasil flag, brasil shirt, trousers, socks, scarf and bag... but it didnt help tho, they lost and had to go home *sigh* damn the french, i couldnt stand zidane, and now i really hate him but haha for the way his carreer ended...

I'm almost every night at my friends sandra and we watch queer as folk, i bought all seasons on dvd... love it.

well yea my life is boring, thats pretty much it but im feeling better than last year, no depressions just me being happy :)

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so dan cancelled his trip to london in july (which i couldnt afford anyway) BECAUSE: He's gonna be in GERMANY in december. plus he's gonna be near frankfurt which means this is only like 50 minutes away from me and he told me if I'm nice enough (which i'M not lol) he's gonna visit me too.

god i'm still in my derek/sonny/matt/travis in münster/munich-dream... that was so amazing, i cant believe that it really happened...

i thought id post some pics:
me, anya and sonny:
(actually I'm taller than sonny, dunno why he's so tall there? lol)

me and travis:
(kinda the hottest guy on earth. ERM)

me and matt:
(i was so impressed when he just hugged me without me asking for it and how nice and sweet he was... i didnt really like him before. now i do ALOT)

and ill get the one with me and derek soon, i guess tomorrow, hopefully.

there is another picture... I'm right under sonny lol

and me on the left side next to the guy with the sunglasses:

alllllllllll the time i was wrong. germany IS cool.

brazil soccer game tonight!!! i cant wait, they have to win, please please please!
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okay, so i got back from both from first to last concerts... and i gotta say: I'm the luckiest girl on earth... okay this is gonna be a long one but nevermind:

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it was so fucking amazing... my train to münster left at 6am and i was 11 hours in 4 different trains and then i arrived. i met a girl at the trainstation... she was like "show's been cancelled, atreyu arent playing" and i was like "WTF? what about from first to last?"

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they were incredible on stage... sonnys voice is amazing, wes borland is a great bass player, they all have so much energy on stage and wow... best live band ive ever seen... plus they are so fucking incredibly nice and take time for their fans... i think im most impressed of derek since we had two really great chats.

Thanks FFTL for the two best days of my life.
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hm... new with me?

i love my job still, im supposed to work there for 30 hours a week. im working like 50 hours a week. plus i dont get paid.

i got another cat (sammy) and a rabbit (kinney), so i got 3 cats, a dog and a rabbit now.

I'm seeing From First To Last live twice in like 2 weeks.

I turned into an asshole who doesnt care about her friends anymore (few exeptions tho). I dont need them.

I'm all into "queer as folk" right now... and I hated hated HATED the end, made me cry for three days and still does =/ plus I love Gale Harold and Randy Harrison.

Babylon (club) is so awesome... I wish I could go there one day (it's in LA)

Sandra went to hospital because of her foot, I visited her and now she's home again, gonna see her tomorrow.

well nobody's gonna read that fucking shit anyway so what the hell am I writing here?

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right so the panic at the disco concert was FUCKING AWESOME! we got there at 7 and got in the front row and the club was really small... and yea I cant say much except they were really really fucking awesome, brendons voice live is brilliant, he did a cover of the song "slow motion" by third eye blind and ... yea it was beautiful. we took a shitload of pics and i filmed some parts... im gonna put them up soon. at the end we had to wait 5 hours for the train (we went to the trainstation at 10pm and the train was leaving at 3:30am) and i talked to manu and we had a damn great chat... i love my mate.

well other than that, today exactly in one month ( of june and 7th of june) I'm gonna see from first to last live


aiden are coming to frankfurt in october and manu is going with me... HA so I dont mind that i missed them at download festival... I wish my chem would play here this year... that would be the best year ever then... panic at the disco, from first to last twice, aiden... and if they'd come, my chemical romance...

well i wouldnt mind if the used were coming to play too but... I'm fucking happy bout fftl and aiden =)

now I'm going to work...

I kinda fancy one guy who's working with me... he's 27 and his name is alex, it's weird coz i usually fancy younger guys and... alex is blonde again... but ah well, we got to talk a bit, he's so cute...

I'm tired...didnt get much sleep coz of the concert but we have a party today so I cant get much sleep... ah well i gtg now =)
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What would you say?
If this blemished face,
This blemished face
With a crooked nose
Had a chance to say
Whatever he wanted,
From his blemished world
Of the unknown?

And would you give a fuck
If all that you heard
Were nouns and verbs
Like shallow heartache?

The sound, of victory,
Blowing up your world, world

Fake faces everywhere I see
Fake people looking back at me
Sit down, don't tell me,
Don't tell me where I don't belong
Fake faces everywhere I see
Fake people looking back at me
Sit down, don't tell me
Don't tell me where I don't belong

Oh, I heard a sick, sad voice
Oh It was honesty, I turned to her and said
We need to be medicated
Oh, and you're the prescription
For a forced out vision
If you're with me
We'll send the critics to hell
With the sounds of our voices

All you better-thans that fed us shit,
You'll be knocked on the floor
So don't you place your bets just yet
All you treasure sleepers feed on shit,
You'll be knocked on the floor
So don't you place...

<33333333333 and its not even my favourite song but <33
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dear diary,

today at work i fed a lama with sprouts. it's name was boris.

the end.

what a weird day.

weirdest thing is: i dreamed that i got a heart-tattoo on my veins... i went online tonight, saw that alicia simmons (the prettiest girl on earth, and fiance of mikey way) and mikey way got a heart-tattoo on their veins... that is WEIRD! mine didnt say "forever" like the hearttattoos of the two tho, mine said demolition lovers :S and from first to last... I'm a lost case as it seems... no hope lol... no come on, it's weird really isnt it?

plans-change: cancelled download festival because from first to last are playing twice in germany, so im selling my ticket for download festival and go to both concerts... theyre supportband of atreyu. I CANT WAIT! the clubs they play in are smaller than the download festival and since nobody really knows fftl here there's a real chance to meet them. maybe im not one of the 2 last existing fftl fans who didnt meet sonny yet, since like 239842394723948273498723497 ppl already met him. i wanna meet travis tho, or all, but travis most, anyway im happy just when i see them playing live!

my job is really exhausting, I'm hardly online anymore but yea I'm really good at the moment. panic! at the disco next thursday.

got my somerset album today finally.

i lost weight in the last 2 months, kinda like 10kgs. I'm so tired... I'm going to bed

cant wait for my coffee tomorrow morning, I'm addicted to it now.
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